Dr Borak SONG is our Orthodontist at Dental touch and at European Dental Clinic.
The cost of orthodontic treatment varies depending on case complexity and the type of treatment.
On your consultation appointment you will be given a detailed quotation.

Le Dr Borak SONG est notre Orthodontiste à Dental Touch et à European Dental Clinic.
Le coût d’un traitement orthodontique varie suivant la complexité du cas et le type de traitement.
Un devis détaillé vous sera fourni lors de la consultation initiale.

Preliminary initial examination FREE
Consultation 25.00 USD
Radiography Panoramic 25.00 USD
Radiography Cephalometric 25.00 USD
Orthodontic Treatment
One Arch (12 months) 900.00 USD
Case A (Both arches/12 months) 1800.00 USD
Case B (Both arches/18 months) 2400.00 USD
Case C (Both arches/24 months) 3000.00 USD

Fees include the provision of one set of retainers and retention supervision for 12 months following appliance removal.


Continuing Treatment
Each Consultation 100.00 USD
Removable Retainer 300.00 USD
Bonded Retainer 200.00 USD
Oral Surgery
Orthodontic Mini-screws 270.00 USD
Functional Appliance 500.00 USD